For over 40 years, SAATCHINET has been the leading Barter Exchange Network in the world – operating in well over 100 countries and growing everyday.

The reason we’ve been successful is simple: we make it possible for anyone to be a member of the Network and to do business with companies, whether they are in the SAATCHI NETWORK or not.


One of the most important benefits to being a part of SAATCHINET is the ability to SAVE CASH and the ability to use Barter dollars instead of cash to pay for products or services.

The more you conduct business under the SAATCHI NETWORK, the more Barter dollars you’ll accumulate, the more you’ll have to spend on the things you want or need.


SAATCHINET gives you the ability to purchase virtually everything you need from within the Network. There is no other Barter Exchange Business in the world that can say that.

And, because Barter and Trade are recognized by the IRS as viable ways to earn revenue, trading products and services with other business owners should be something ALL businesses should take advantage of.


There is no better way to grow awareness for your business than to be a part of SAATCHINET. Countless businesses are introduced to eachother on a daily basis, and thousands of transactions are performed each and everyday around the world.

Whether you operate a business that has a local customer base, or you are able to conduct business with anyone worldwide, SAATCHINET will become a powerful resource for you in growing your awareness.


It is a proven fact that the more people who are aware of your business and what you offer, the more your sales will increase. That’s why growing the awareness of your business through the SAATCHI NETWORK can be so beneficial for you.

With the increase in sales comes the increase in Barter dollars. What you spend those Barter dollars on is completely up to you! Buy a diamond ring, a Rolex watch, a car, a TV – whatever you need or desire, it’s available. 

SAATCHINET uses a multitude of platforms to market and promote the businesses under its Network. From radio and TV exposure to social media and direct mail, we use virtually every type of communication we can to spread the word.

As you conduct more and more transactions within SAATCHINET, your positive experiences will also be an important part in helping us grow the Network.


SAATCHINET is the leading Barter Exchange Network in the world, while also offering a 24/7/365 Concierge Service so that ALL transactions that take place under the Network are smooth and error-free.

No matter where you are in the world, if you need something, contact us immediately and we will do our best to make whatever you need, happen. That is the SAATCHINET promise.


No matter what you require, we have multiple vendors within each category within the Network that we can recommend to you for your needs.

And, if there’s a vendor you wish to do business with outside of the Network, we can make that happen. Click here for a complete understanding of how transactions work with vendors outside of the Network.