Within SAATCHINET, you have the ability to market and sell your products and services to thousands of people around the world. However, instead of being paid by credit card or cash, you earn and accumulate Barter Dollars that you can spend ANYWHERE in the world – whether a business is in the SAATCHI NETWORK or not.

You heard that correct – the SAATCHI NETWORK is the only Barter Exchange Business in the World that allows you to do conduct transactions with businesses outside the Network. You are not limited to using only ONE business in a desired industry because that business is the only one that is part of the Network.

This is what truly sets SAATCHINET apart from every other Barter Exchange Business. To learn more about the intricacies of how SAATCHINET works, click here.

A question was recently asked by a Business owner wanting to join the Network. His question is a common one we receive:


Q: I am a licensed General Contractor and I’m interested in joining the Network. I’m curious though – when pricing my services, do I charge more because this is Barter? What do you recommend?

A: We strongly recommend that you work with customers through SAATCHINET in the same way you would work with a customer outside of the Network.

If a job price outside of the Network is $500, that’s what we recommend you charge a client/customer within SAATCHINET. The reason being? You’re not the only game in town. If you charge an outlandish price for your product or service, SAATCHINET Members can work with others in the Network – or they may go outside of the Network. We don’t limit them.

Also, keep this in mind: with every transaction you do under SAATCHINET, you pay 10% of the TOTAL amount back to the Network. So, if the transaction is $500, both participating Businesses would each pay $50 in cash or with a credit card back to the Network. This payment can be made using:


Working through SAATCHINET can be a very exciting and worthwhile experience for any business, but consider this:

Bartering your products and services is a great way to fill your time and still be rewarded monitarily, but don’t allow barter to take up more than 5% – 10% of your business. Remember – there is still a small cash payment that has to be made back to the Network with every transaction; if you are not generating cash outside the Network, paying those transaction fees will become impossible. and can hinder you continuing to do Business through the Network.